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[Singer-songwriter Linda Storey and President Joe Biden discuss stem cell research and transplants for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) February 17, 2020]

I am a singer-songwriter, with MS (multiple sclerosis) and an advocate for stem cell research. I have some exciting news from Dr. Vollmer, Director of Neuroscience Clinical Research at the University of Colorado Anschutz Center.

Dr. Vollmer  has proposed a revolutionary idea  to use our own stem cells to regrow the myelin ( the insulation on the nerves) by developing techniques for injecting the cells intra-arterially into blood vessels supplying the areas of injury such that large numbers of cells can be delivered where needed which would substantially improve the opportunity for recovery of function.  I have been Dr. Vollmer's patient for over 20 years. We have discussed how transplanting my own stem cells through my veins to the damaged area in the back of my neck should make it possible to regrow the myelin (the insulation on the nerves) to regain a stronger signal needed for me to once again use my arms and legs.

I met with President Joe Biden in Colorado on Presidents’ Day, February 17, 2020 at a private event in Denver. We discussed the possibility of the transplant. The President was very interested and said he would call my doctor. I told him Dr. Vollmer also suggested getting Center Grants. President Biden knew exactly what my doctor was talking about.

Hopefully, the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION WILL CHAMPION THE RESEARCH needed to help our bodies heal themselves. Our own stem cells will be used to heal what has been damaged. Millions  of Americans including myself and veterans would rather be working, paying taxes, and living our lives to the fullest. This would also save billions of dollars that are spent on home care equipment etc. 

Dr. Vollmer says it can be done! "There are brilliant people living in this world. Let them work they can find the cure! Stop the suffering!" Stop the Suffering (Make Some Noise)